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For your ears only
Live Cable has once again raised its own bar, pushing the limits of the sound experience with the new unparalleled Grand-Xtreme series!

Using a new gold/silver alloy which is polished first before being pulled through a Teflon tube, a new internal structure of cables, an extremely thick double shielding, a newly developed vibration reducing tube and brand-new special ending pieces, a loss-free signal is created ensuring a whole new listening experience like you never heard before.

The powercords use the new piezo ceramic NCF connectors from Furutech. Naturally the RCA, XLR and the spades or banana connectors used are from Furutech piezo ceramic series.
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Grand-Xtreme RCA Interlink
"You have been warned for the Live Cable virus, it is addictive and contagious…"
Antoine Pouwels Peacock Audio Newsletter July 2013
Grand Xtreme Powercord