Thailand Hi-End Audio & Video Show 2014 Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
Hi-End Audio & Video Show 2014 The Landmark Bangkok Hotel

Hi-End Audio Show 2013 Bestekeus Best the Netherlands

Hi-End Audio Show 2011 X-Fi Show the Netherlands

Hi-End Audio Show 2008 De Doelen Rotterdam the Netherlands
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Audio Expert Show October 2015 Den Bosch the Netherlands
Live Cable connected two complete sets at this show.
One set was the new Marantz special edition with the Bowers & Wilkins speakers, and the other set was the Rotel set also with the Bowers & Wilkins speakers. Both sets were wired with a combination of the S.P.A. and S.P.C. cables. Also the Marantz set was connected with the Signature Branch box.
Live Cable and McIntosh high end show juli 2017 Bangkok

Show January 2018 Bangkok

Forthwise in Hong Kong Show march 2018 Hong Kong
High-end Show Juli 2018 Bangkok

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Bangkok Distributor show 2023 Bangkok
Hong Kong Audio Show 2023 Hong Kong