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Halo USB Cable
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The HALO series can best be described as exceptionally fast and detailed. The developers of Live Cable now managed to make a new  series that does not only give a perfect 3-D image, but it also gives your system an analogue touch. The characteristics are found in the combination of OFC / 24-carats gold and high purity sliver. Apart from the renowned weaving and braiding technique, the Halo series is also endowed with several dampening materials and screenings. The end collars are made from a special type of aluminum that in this series has been painted grey and the text is being lasered in. For all the cables in this series we use the Carbon Rhodium connectors from Furutech. These fully handmade products are crafted with a critical ear and eye for detail.

This USB-cable is made out of eight massive strands. For the the plus- and minussignal, four strands are twisted together to two pairs after which they are separated by a special screening with the 5V and the ground. These are then screened by another braid from the outside case. Furthermore, the cable uses 24-carats gilt USB A/B-connectors.
Handmade In Holland
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