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“To maximise the output of my system.”  For the past few years, this was the objective I sought for. In the quest to achieve this goal I encountered many sceptical arguments in my (hifi) environment about the importance of power supply.

But, by unbiased comparing of various power products I was surprised about the impact that the power supply had on the sound.

Using these findings, I continued the research to finding the source of the differences that I ascertained. Many of these differences occurred due to specific properties of the used materials and the screening of the product.

Subsequently, I assessed all advantages and disadvantages of the listened products to start the search to the most perfect materials and best way of screening.
The assignment was clear: minimize the disadvantages and improve the advantages.

After years of ceaseless testing and listening I have found the ultimate combination. Today, Live Cable products have been thoroughly tested by multiple reviewers of leading trade papers and critical listeners. Based on their results and findings, I can conclude that I have successfully ended my quest in finding the Ultimate Live Experience!
- Peter Sluiter
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