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Modification Siltech Signature Powercord by Live Cable

During the X-fi show in Veldhoven (29-30 september 2012) we were approached with the question if we could upgrade a Siltech Signature Powercord. We were rather surprised by this question because Siltech has the reputation of delivering a high-end quality product with equal finishing. But the customer started questioning this after seeing the Live Cable Xtreme Powercord. The customer spoke with Live Cable and agreed to sent the Siltech Cable to us after the show ended. When we received this cable we upgraded it using our tested aluminum alloy plugs and Live Cable connectors. The customer was very happy with this, but does realize now that the best quality can only be achieved with original Live Cable-products [...] READ MORE

Review Live Cable interlinks

I was able to test four interlink cables, three of which came from Peacock Audio (Live Cable dealer). I started with the Furutech FA-220 cable, fitted with CF-102R connectors. I did not expect a large difference with my current Furutech cables with Hi-Fi Tuning gold plugs, but was yet pleasantly surprised that there indeed was a difference. It had more depth, the dynamics increased and the low was pleasantly full. Especially the detail expanded and it was noticeable how some instruments were placed very prominently in the room. I spent two full evenings listening before I switched to the Pink Faun IL-1SE. [...] READ MORE
Review Live Cable - by Marlon Borkulo

A couple of years ago I decided to investigate if special audio branch boxes and stub cables produce added value. As an engineer in electro technology I always viewed it as nonsense. I do know that voltage and frequency fluctuate but still I disregarded it as nonsense. My Praxis (Dutch wholesaler) branch box with neon on/off switch was changed for a Furutech starter model. [...] READ MORE