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Continuous product development
Live Cable produces since her founding from one thought: uncompromising. Live Cable products are continuously being evolved. The Live Cable powercords received much praise from both customers and reviewers but due to their rigidness were not always practical. Our technicians went to work on this and were able to reduce the rigidity. Thanks to the ability and skill of our technicians the current generation powercords are as flexible as an earth-worm.
Live Cable Premium powercord tested – By Peacock Audio

Review Live Cable Premium Powercord The faithful reader of the Peacock Audio Newsletter knows Live Cable as audio cabling that places itself on the highest market regions, both in quality as in price. Live Cable’s new Premium-series of which the interlink was tested as very good last month, has been expanded this month with  [...]  READ MORE
Live Cable Xtreme branch box tested – By Peacock Audio

Tested: Live Cable Xtreme branch box The Live Cable Signature branch box has been at the base of my audio set for many years now. A perfect flow of current is always the basis of a good High-End audio set and a good branch box is an essential part of that audio set! My current  [...]  READ MORE

Live Cable Premium Interlink tested – By Peacock Audio

Live Cable Premium Interlink The recently introduced Live Cable Premium series are actually a quite affordable series of cables consisting of interlinks (RCA, XLR and USB), speaker cables and powercords. Only the Premium Powercord is still in development. I was the first reviewer to receive a Live Cable Premium interlink for some testing, yet another [...]  READ MORE

Visiting STS Digital, by Alpha Audio

Fritz de With is very positive about the Siltech cabling. We see a fair share of blue cables behind the set. And not the starting-series but the absolute top. “What is striking about Siltech is its very neutral and fluent character”, de With says. Yet we find Live Cable products behind the Blumenhofers. “That just sounds better.” Short, but powerful. And who are we to refute this?

Onda Ligera and Live Cable combine their strengths

Reviewer Joël Chevassus of 6moons described the system of Onda Ligera at the 2012 High End show in Munich as ‘abnormally good’. On the High End X-fi show in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, it impressed everyone, too. The impressive speakers are driven by an amplifier with matching DAC from Onda Ligera themselves. Only the cabling is [...]  READ MORE

Review Live Cable – By Peacock Audio, February 2012

The previous time Peter Sluiter came to visit me he left behind two cables for me to evaluate: the new Signature interlink and a power cord from the new entry series of Live Cable: the S.P.A.. Both were the first of their production models. I was waiting with anticipation on the Signature interlink because of [...]  READ MORE
“Unveiling” Live Cable Powercords – By Antoine Pouwels / Peacock Audio

Last month I discussed the fabulous Live Cable ‘ Signature ‘ branch box (it enthrals me more and more each time I listen to it). The Live Cable branch box Signature’s internal cabling consists of the same cables as the ‘Signature’ power cables are made of. The outputs are of solid silver, a material that perfectly fits into the used conductor material. It is constructed from heavy aluminium of a special alloy with special vibration dampening properties. The whole is wrapped up in a thick-walled copper shielding ‘box’ by which it reaches the total weight of over 16 kg (35 lb)! [...]  READ MORE
Review Live Cable – Door Wojciech Pacuła, 6MOONS

Live Cable power cables were recommended to me by a Dutchman I met couple of years ago – Ron Wevers who delivered for a test a modified E-Sound CD player. He is an owner of a strong distribution company. Every now and then we exchange emails discussing interesting products and in one of such emails he asked me if I would be interested in a test of very good power cables made by Live Cable company. [...] READ MORE
For your ears only

"Overall winner for me: the Dutch Audio Masters" by Puresound.be

They played drums in the beginning. It's just real. Thus, this demonstration has actually put the standard.[...]  READ MORE
Review Live Cable – by Ed Kuhuwael Audioclub Velsen, November 2011 Live Cable

It is rare when we have a night where we compare different components with each other. Every time that we do have one it becomes a pleasant and learning experience. We receive regular feedback from our members: they very much like to try and compare different products with each other.
[...]  READ MORE

Unveiling Signature branch box – By Antoine Pouwels / Peacock Audio, Newsletter march 2011

Last month I had already revealed a tip of the veil of a branch box from the ‘nonultra-plus’ class, but now that I have reached an agreement with the owner of this company I can reveal the true identity of this truly fantastic product: Live Cable is the company behind this amazing product and Live Cable makes in addition to this branch box (in two different designs) also powercords in two versions. [...] READ MORE

Test of Live Cable Signature powercord – By Wojciech Pacula

It’s the second meeting with the LIVE CABLE Signature Powercord. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over four and a half years since testing the first LIVE CABLE Signature Powercord. Since that time the company has grown, which we could see through the establishment of several comprehensive series. Now the company LIVE CABLE offers a full assortment of cables, powercords [...]