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S.P.A. USB Cable
P r e s t i g e  p r o j e c t
"You have been warned for the Live Cable virus, it is addictive and contagious…"
The Live Cable S.P.A.-series distinguishes itself by its excellent price to quality ratio. The philosophy of Live Cable is clearly visible in the S.P.A.-series: no concessions to quality and thus no concessions to the materials used and the finishing. This quality proves itself with the many tests that have concluded that the S.P.A.-series is well ahead of her competition…

The S.P.A. USB-cable is made from silvered OFC. For the plus and the minussignal, two strands are twisted together to two pairs after which they are seperated from the plus and the ground using a special screening. These are then screened by another braid from the outside case. Furthermore, the cable uses 24-carats gilt USB A/B-connector
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Live Cable - SPA USB Cable