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Antoine Pouwels Peacock Audio Newsletter July 2013
S.P.C. Branchbox
Live Cable - SPC Brancebox
During the development of the S.P.C. series, Live Cable sought to improve the characteristics that distinguish the Live Cable product from other products but keeping in touch with the philosophy. Live Cable achieved this goal by using silvered OFC in a broader diameter and extending the already existing screening. Add to this dedication of our philosophy we witness the birth of a series with more detail on a higher level.

The S.P.C. branch box is made of a special kind of aluminium with perfect vibration dampening properties with a thickness of 8 mm. Internally, the branch box makes use of a brass cage construction with a thickness of 0,5 mm. The conductive material is the same as the S.P.C. Powercord: silvered OCC wires. The Rhodium plated inlet has a thickness of three times 16AWG for both the live and neutral. The Rhodium plated outlets are fed by 16AWG twice for the live and neutral. All outlets and also the inlet have their own Earth in the brass cage. The finishing feed is high-gloss silver metallic. The whole is placed on chromed spikes which are worn by dishes of the same material as the branch box itself.
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Live Cable - SPC Brancebox Detail #1 Live Cable - SPC Brancebox Detail #2 Live Cable - SPC Brancebox Detail #3