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Signature XLR Interlink
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In developing the Signature series, Live Cable faced the challenge of surpassing the successful achievements of the S.P.C. series. The long search for the best materials and many testing led to an absolute masterpiece.  Unprecedented achievements and finishing make this series to belong to nothing but the top. The Signature branch box is a sight for sore eyes and a respite for the ears. Any devices connected to the branch box will achieve as they were meant, without interference from outside or from power input. The result is an astonishing ‘layback’ experience with more tranquility and foundation in the low. Furthermore, the 3D image widens and there is more staging, leading to a more Live experience…

The Signature. XLR Interlink is built from four massive gold/silver-alloy strands and a HPS silver strand with a thickness of 16 AWG. The four massive gold/silver-alloy strands, two with a thickness of 1mm and two with a thickness of 0,5mm, are combined using the trusted Live Cable technique. The HPS silver strand is used as the ground. The interlink uses the new sort of screening to mitigate interference from outside. The XLR connectors that are used are rhodium plated.
M a s t e r p i e c e
Handmade In Holland
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Live Cable - Signature XLR Interlink
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