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Xtreme XLR Interlink
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Live Cable - Xtreme XLR Interlink Detail #1
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Live Cable - Xtreme XLR Interlink
A long cherished wish of Live Cable was to achieve the impossible. The development of the ultimate product was dubbed the Xtreme series, after the extremes used in its development and production. With the Xtreme series, our starting point was simple: no limitations, no concessions. The result is a series of highly prestigious and exclusive products of exceptional quality and finishing.

The interlinks are pieces of art. Sixteen massive silver/gold strings are mutually twisted and woven and pulled over an absorbing core. After, a double screening is used with thick cotton and a tinned copper mantle. The X-Treme is finished with Furutech Piezo ceramic connectors for both the Cinch as the XLR edition. The interlinks too follow the distinctive Live Cable finishing with an aluminum chromed drift in which the lettering is engraved.